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i. Please add a new row so that in the Edit Screen I am allowed to specify the name of the website by inserting it in an input box. For example, in my case, I will add the name “Gil Realty†to the input box. Then, this information will be plugged into the homepage of my Administration page so that I can easily change where it reads “Welcome to Gil Realty Administration Suite.†to anything such as “Welcome to Tarun’s Administration Suite.†1. IN THIS “WEBSITE NAME†SCREEN, THERE SHOULD NOT BE A WYSIWIG EDITOR FOR THIS SCREEN. INSTEAD, LET’S JUST HAVE THE SIMPLE INPUT BOX THAT ALLOWS SOMEBODY TO SPECIFCY THE NAME. FOR EXAMPLE, WE WILL THEREFORE HAVE: a. Title (input box) b. Date Last Updated c. Website Name (input box); therefore, formatting of the website name is would not be allowed. 2. Also, please make sure that the main login screen of the admin does not get distorted. Currently, the “Gilrealty†appears on a row by itself and the “Administration